Bradford Hansen-SmithAuthor and sculptor Bradford Hansen-Smith will present his Wholemovement system for teaching geometry through the folding of paper circles. Froebel pioneered the use of paperfolding as an educational activity.

Hansen-Smith carries on this tradition. Not only is Wholemovement a Froebelian Occupation activity, but Froebel is the only other person known to have used circlefolding to assist the learning process. This is another hands-on workshop that will involve the use of folded paper plates.

Bradford’s presentation title:  Spherical Unity-Folding Circles

Explore the circle and the difference between 2-D concept and 3-D reality by folding and joining paper circles. Any child that can fold a circle in half can do this. There is nothing more comprehensively hands-on, or less expensive than folding a paper plate to reveal the formation, information, reformation, and transformations of universal patterns that have significance in all disciplines. Children need to be folding as well as drawing pictures of circles if there is to be some balance between the unity of living and the units of education.

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