Stacey Wellman of The Greeley School

Stacey Wellman, MA, CCC-SLP, LD is a Speech/Language Pathologist at the Greeley School of Winnetka, IL. She will present on her work assessing neurodevelopmental, literacy and other skills using Froebel Gifts and Occupations, as well as ways of integrating Froebel methods into public school curriculum.

Stacey has both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northwestern University, including a bachelors of science degree from the School of Speech, a masters degree in speech/language pathology and audiology, a masters degree in learning disabilities, as well as earning a reading certificate. She has received advanced training from the All Kinds of Minds Institute at North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the Floor Time Method developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, RAD Learning pioneered by Judy Willis, MD, MEd, as well as extensive coursework in occupational therapy, neurodevelopmental training, environmental education, community stewardship, and ecotherapy.

Stacey has worked in the public schools for 23 years with children from age 3 to 14. Outside of the public school, she works with high school and college level students on organization and integrated thinking and learning strategies. In addition, she runs a Roots and Shoots program and travels internationally with students, believing that learning must extend beyond the classroom and into nature. Some of her recent presentations include: Brain Structure and Functioning: Incorporating Research into Educational Practice, Using Brain Science to Improve Memory and Attention, Understanding the Truth Versus the Misconceptions of ADD/ADHD, Froebel Gift Play and Occupational Work: Promoting Creativity and Play as Engines for Deep Learning, Understanding How Froebel Gift Play and Occupational Work Promotes Successful 21st Century Thinkers and Learners, Incorporating Froebel Gifts and Occupations into Modern Day Classroom Practices.