Juanita Copley

Emerita Professor in the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Houston. After earning her PhD at Texas A&M, Dr. Copley became a leading expert on early childhood mathematics, writing extensively on the topic, with books co-published by NAEYC and NCTM, including The Young Child and Mathematics. In semi-retirement, she has been using Froebel Gifts to teach Common Core standards in several Michigan school districts.

Juanita's presentation title: Using Froebel Gifts with Common Core

Dr. Copley has also written Engaging Young Children in Mathematics: Standards for Early Childhood Mathematics andGrowing with Mathematics, Kindergarten, and a national math curriculum for the Headstart program. Dr. Copley directed the 2001 NCTM National Academy for Pre-K–2 teachers. She was an Instructional Specialist in Mathematics and Science for pre-K to 5th Grade.