Froebel Gift Play Day Training Sessions

Our first ever Gift Play Day offered six consecutive sessions of hands-on exploration with a variety of Froebel Gifts during one full day. Attendees included both children and teachers, guided by experienced teachers who use these methods/materials in public, independent, and home-school K-12 classrooms, A Q&A with teachers took place during and after many of these sessions.

You can view the trailer above for an idea of the content of these videos. They can be rented for online viewing here. If you're interested in hosting an on-site event, please contact us. A viewing log form for certification is available upon request.

Gift 1 Froebel teacher Tiffeni Goesel demonstrates a play session using Froebel Gift 1 yarn balls with children ages 3 to 5 years old. Tiffeni is a Waldorf-certified teacher who has been using the Froebel method with children of all ages since 2002. The children featured here have not experienced these materials or activities previously. This is their first introduction to both Tiffeni and the Froebel Gifts. Length: 47:25 minutes

Gift 1 Tiffeni Goesel demonstrates one way to transition from Froebel Gift 1 yarn balls to the wood solids of Gift 2. The children, ages 3 to 5 years old, have not experienced these materials or activities previously. Length: 35:19 minutes

Gift 2 Tiffeni Goesel recaps her Gift 2 session with teacher attendees and expands on the possibilities of this largely misunderstood Froebel Gift. Length: 47:25 minutes

Gift 3 Julie Bennett and Tiffeni Goesel introduce a Form of Life play activity using Froebel Gift 3. Length: 31:01 minutes

Gift 4 Experienced teacher Julie Bennett leads a play session using Froebel Gift 4 and answers questions from participants. Many play opportunities are offered to connect them to curriculum/standards. Length: 39:57

Gift 5 Tiffeni Goesel leads children ages 5 to 7 years-old through a Froebel Gift Play with using Gift 5. These children had not been previously met Tiffeni or experienced Froebel Blocks. Length: 59:02 minutes

Gift 5 Tiffeni Goesel leads an exploration of Froebel Gift 5, with a play session and questions from the teachers. Length: 30:51 minutes